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Dr. Kittl & Partner

Dr. Kittl & Partner is a firm made up of tax consultants, auditors and legal advisors that has won multiple awards. In over 40 years, we have been able to build up a broad expertise across many sectors and combine this with in-depth knowledge of all forms of business enterprises. Tax consulting, auditing and legal teams work closely together under the same roof, thus making it possible to satisfy all our clients‘ needs from a single source. With three offices in Deggendorf, Passau and Regensburg we are well positioned in the eastern part of Bavaria. Of course we also offer our expertise and communication services in digital form, thereby creating a nearness to our clients while offering personal advice even over greater distances.

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Kittl Herbert square

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kittl

Auditor, Tax Advisor, lecturer at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences

Bily Waschinger Elisabeth square

Elisabeth Bily-Waschinger

Tax Advisor, lecturer at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences

Pongratz Christian square

Christian Pongratz

Tax Advisor, Specialist Advisor for Company Successions

Schroeder Karl square

Karl Schröder

Auditor, Tax Advisor

Koller Bernd square

Bernd Koller

Tax Advisor, Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law, lecturer at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences

Firla Helena square

Helena Firla

Tax Advisor

Loeffler Ramona square

Ramona Löffler

Tax Advisor

Winnerl Kathrin square

Kathrin Winnerl

Tax Advisor

Wirth Pascal square

Pascal Wirth

Tax Advisor

Schwarzhuber Andreas square

Andreas Schwarzhuber

Auditor, Tax Advisor

Strohschen Eileen square

Eileen Strohschen


Kuriata Kristina square

Kristina Kuriata


Edtl Johannes square

Johannes Edtl

Lawyer, Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law, Health Care Consultant (DStV e.V.)

Hagenbuchner Christian square

Dr. Christian Hagenbuchner


Our services

In times of change, mergers and acquisitions experience a real boom. Generally speaking, a decision to acquire or divest a company usually has enormous consequences and often involves a strategic change of course in the company’s development. We advise you on how to negotiate this terrain in every role you can take on as an entrepreneur in a merger or acquisition.

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Increasing globalisation of all markets is intensifying competition and ratcheting up demands on companies. To manage a company, it is becoming increasingly important to know exactly where strengths and levers for further growth lie. Our auditing approach is individually tailored to your needs, rooted in extensive industry knowledge and consistently produces valuable advice for the further development of your company.

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The annual financial statements are like a business card for your company. We advise you on your balance sheet accounting and valuation options – while taking into account provisions in commercial and tax law and the size of your company – and explore all optimisation possibilities. Our aim and objective is to make the annual financial statements contribute to a professional and state-of-the-art image for your company.

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Financial accounting is like the computer centre of a company. Good financial accounting rests on an accurate and reliable mapping of all business transactions and values of a company. These are the foundations upon which we develop data-based analyses for corporate management, well-founded forecasts or recommendations on how to optimise processes and structures.

Correct payroll accounting is an important pillar for the stability of a company. Human resource costs account for the lion’s share of costs at almost every company. At the same time, the punctual and correct handling of wages and salaries is a key element of employee satisfaction. The topic of wages crops up in many places in a company and requires expertise and diligence everywhere.

This involves solutions for transnational situations. International tax law is very complex, especially across EU borders. To enable you as a businessperson to cope with these problems, we support you and advise you with our team of experts for different countries.

One major risk in VAT issues is frequently systemic errors that repeated themselves on an ongoing basis. Particularly in international business transactions, VAT harbours a number of pitfalls which, if assessed incorrectly, can lead to tax losses and registrations in other countries. Our experts advise you on how to permanently avoid tax traps, input tax losses and unnecessary registrations.

There is no such thing as a legal vacuum. Legal advice is becoming a security factor in more and more issues that corporate management has to deal with. Thus, any solution that is optimised in tax and business terms also has to be implemented in a legally secure manner. In close cooperation with our tax advisors and auditors, we make sure all your needs are met from a single source.

Companies are constantly on the move. To ensure that you as a businessperson keep the reigns of control, we support you and stand by your side with advice: whether you are founding an additional company, changing structures in the group or merging companies. And we help you to take advantage of the considerable tax opportunities that restructuring can offer.

Leverage the possibilities offered by digitalisation to bring about more security, stability and independence in your processes and to boost efficiency in order to remain competitive under new conditions and in the future. We help you optimise your company’s workflows in collaboration with our law firm.

Today – more than ever – a medical practice is always a business as well. Its success strongly depends on how an enterprise is managed from a business management perspective. Our specialists provide you close support in the establishment or takeover of a practice while assisting you in the design and management of a practice. This translates into more time and peace of mind for you to care for your patients.

Our experts work with you and for you to elaborate individual succession advice to secure your private and entrepreneurial life’s work. In Germany alone, 150,000 company CEOs will be looking for a successor by 2022 – and this number is trending sharply upwards. Our law firm built up an expertise in this field at an early stage, including for many internationally operating entrepreneurs.